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Blog Updated

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here! Not for lack of content, but because I’ve been too busy to properly document any of my projects.

There have been some barriers to posting as well. At some point, google made a change to blogger that broke a significant amount of images on my blog (and most other blogger blogs).

Reference this helpful post:

I had never been fully happy with the blogger service in the first place, and this killed any enthusiasm I had towards it.

The modern thing is to convert your blog to a static site generator, and host it somewhere like github. So that’s exactly what I did.

I settled on using Hugo, mainly because I tried using Jekyll and could not get the blogger importer to work at all. To import, I used the great blog2md script to convert the blogger xml file into markdown. But, those markdown files still contained links to the images hosted on blogger, many of which no longer worked.

Because of some google photos nonsense, a lot of the images only loaded when I was logged into my google account. I created a script that would use the Selenium driver for Firefox to grab and save all the of files, and replace the images in the markdown.

This script is saved as a Gist here:

Some of the photos wouldn’t load at all, so I had to go through the backup and download them from there, but that only happened with one post.

I know there’s still some broken stuff on the new site (youtube embeds and code blocks at least) and I will be working on fixing those soon.

New posts soon(ish)!!